Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Swords and Safety

Ross' recent post about time and the difficulty of having a duel or shoot out at high noon if the sun is not then at it's highest point got me thinking, and brought to mind a conversation I once had about how the carrying of swords may cut down on random acts of violence...

How often do we hear of people being mugged or other random acts of violence? Some states have passed what are called "Dirty Harry Laws" where all citizens may carry firearms at any time. The theory is that the would be felon may think twice if he has to risk that his target may be more heavily armed than he is. The problem with this thinking is that one is still playing the odds because the gun may be concealed or no gun may be present at all. My solution to this is that we bring back the use of swords.

The concealment of a sword to the best of my knowledge is impossible. If we were then to bring back the carrying of swords everyone would know exactly how armed all those around him or her are. For example would a street tough try to pick a fight with someone in a pub if he saw that the person was sporting a rapier? And even if the street tough also had a rapier, both parties are on an equal footing.

Some may think that there is no difference between the use of firearms and swords; both will promote an ever more violent society. I would disagree with this. It is much easier to pull the trigger of a gun than it is to run a person through with a sword. A gun is also much more deadly and involves less skill to use. When using a sword a person has to look his opponent in the eye and may even feel his breath on his face. A gun is impersonal whereas a sword is very personal.

A cursory look at the NY State penal code by an Absurd Men Speak researcher has found no prohibition on carrying swords in public as long as they are not concealed. Check with your local authorities before you start to carry your sword though.

As a post script the carrying of swords may also help to promote the come back of the cape. One must wear a cape if he is to carry a sword. To not wear a cape would be very gauche.


Blogger Dan said...

Once again, the late, great G.K. Chesterton was a man ahead of his time.

Along with being a prodigious writer, he was known for carrying a sword (well, a sword-cane, which of course is the only reliable method of concealing a sword)... as well as wearing a cape!

This excerpt is from the American Chesterton Society (http://www.chesterton.org/discover/who.html):
[Chesterton] stood 6’4" and weighed about 300 pounds, usually had a cigar in his mouth, and walked around wearing a cape and a crumpled hat, tiny glasses pinched to the end of his nose, swordstick in hand, laughter blowing through his moustache.

I think he would have loved AbsurdMenSpeak...

Absurdness Yes!

Thursday, December 22, 2005 10:32:00 AM  
Blogger Oppressed Hamiltinians said...

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