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Plattsburgh, New York--Most Mysterious Town on Earth?

I have been recently doing some investigating into a town in Northern New York that I have had the opportunity to get to know. Or at least I thought I did. This raises the question of how much we can know about the towns we visit, live in and occupy metaphysically. I choose Plattsburgh as a study town because of logistical reasons, including my extensive research and reconnaissance assets in the area and because it shows up on the internet with suppressing regularity for a marginal town in the middle of no-where. That, and I have an east coast bias. In addition, too much has been written about Area 51, I hope to break new ground.

Here is a summary of what me and my crack staff of researchers have discovered about a town that few people know about.
1. It was the site of the most important Battle on American Soil post-revolutionary war. The Battle of Plattsburgh turned the tide of the War of 1812. It occurred on September 11, 1814. It was the most understated and unacknowldged of Battles, because Commodore Perry defeated the British on the Great Lakes only a few days later. As always Plattsburgh gets overlooked--which as I shall uncover is part of the Grand Plan.
2. Plattsburgh is the home of several hauntings. Most of them center around the military installation there. Ghosts roam the military cemetery, haunt the old barracks (which is on the national historical register but is mysteriously not occupied or even taken care of now), had a hospital in the old base operations basement where the walls are still painted red to hide the blood, had a crematory near the cemetery with the address of building 666, which investigators have been unable to find, believing it destroyed for unknown or classified reasons, has an abandoned hospital that often has lights on within and is guarded by soldiers from the war of 1812 at its ancient guardposts.
3. Plattsburgh Industrial district is well hidden and on streets that are rarely if ever used. Most people in Plattsburgh don't even know what industries are currently present or what they do. Places like Wall Street and Main Mill Road are almost deserted, yet there are tenants in most of the old mills. It is difficult to ascertain what they do. Bombardier is the largest tenant, yet most in Plattsburgh don't even know how to get there. Additionally, a huge building owned by Falcon Seaboard operates there but my sources have never met anyone who works at the giant plant, which is surprising given the fact that the population is only 20,000 people.
4. There is a lost bridge, still standing on Saranac St., crossing the Saranac River, why it is not used or brought up to code is a mystery considering that there can never be enough bridges in a river town. My researchers propose that is left unused because it is directly behind a Army Reserve installation.
5. The air base had 12 Atlas-F missile silos. I was able to obtain GPS coordinates from a Russian Blog, but not having a GPS my staff has been unable to locate most of them, although many can be located due to local knowledge and analyzing local surveyors maps for land transactions--I am sure the Soviets were able to use the same information, such as County Tax maps to find them (so much for secrecy--they are public documents), but what I do wonder is how some Russian blogger was able to find them, along with apparently every other silo in America--its quite a long list. I don't read Russian so I was unable to glean much from the site. Perhaps Dave can help, I'll get his crack research unit on it as soon as possible. (incidentally, Russia, as a word, stems from the word Rus--which means "rower, " and comes from the Scandinavian Vikings--Russia's country name is Swedish--go figure) *
6. The base was home to 112 spider-goats for several years in the early otts, this millennium. These goats were genetically engineered to produce spider silk for silk-steel. The goats were slaughtered in 2003. The base was closed for over 6 years at the time and the goats we held in weapons bunkers. This is well documented by the unimpeachable Plattsburgh Press-Republican. News of the Spider-Goats got worldwide attention including an article in Forbes Magazine. The goats were euthanized due to "profitability problems." But one has to wonder if something went terribly wrong, forcing the destruction of the Company's newest profit source. Nexia, the corporation in charge of the program said they had come up with a better genetically modified goat and were facing high economic losses, yet the US military was exceedingly interested in using bio-steel for armor--the Pentagon surely wouldn't have let the program fail. Nexia supposedly ended operations in 2003. My staff believes that the operation may still be going on in Plattsburgh at an undisclosed area for security reasons. As it was the goats were kept in a highly secure site, including a weapons bunker which at this time can not be located.
7. During the Cold War Plattsburgh was a B-47 and B-52 launching site with numerous nuclear weapons (though my military sources refused to confirm this, it only makes sense), it was reportedly high on the Soviets target list. The base has one of the longest runways in the U.S. and was one of the few places the Space Shuttle could land in the Country and the only one in the North East. The reasoning behind the long runway was to accommodate heavy bombers. Yet, the Air Force had strips that could handle B-52 at shorter legnths just as well. Why such a long runway? It was built in 1956, long before the Space Shuttle was even conceived. Nothing in our public arsenal even today needs so much concrete. In 1994 it was shut down. The reasoning for the shutdown by the government was that it was no longer needed in the absence of a cold war threat. Yet my researchers have discovered that it may have been shut down, not because its value had diminished, but rather that its value was going to increase expodentially, and couldn't afford to be on anyone's strike list.**
8. Plattsburgh was a main rout for military deployment for the planed 1935 invasion of Canada. The entire invasion plan is now declassified and points to the invasion of the Ottawa area as well as seizure of key Canadian cites, especially Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax. The Plan seemingly was to place Quebec City in a pincer movement between land and sea forces by sweeping up the St. Lawrence and down from Halifax, cutting off the eastern Canadian Provences, and crushing the industrial center of Canada around Ottawa. In 1935 the largest war games ever were commenced with 36,000 American Troops participating in war games simulating the invasion of Canada near Buffalo, NY. That such an extensive plan existed is not surprising, that such a plan no longer exists would be even more suprising.
9. Several independent researchers have determined that Plattsburgh--and here is where everything starts to make sense--is the site of a top secret deep underground military base (DUMB)--a fitting acronym. It is also claimed to be a "saucer-base", housing aliens whom we have treaties with. By analyzing smog and electromagnetic radiation they have concluded that it is at least 18 stories deep. They have also shown that it is feasible. While no dirt has recently been shipped out, a great deal of it was in the summers leading up to 1994 and shortly thereafter. This was "contaminated dirt" from military pollutants. Yet the amount of dirt shipped is unknown, was done primarily by rail and to the best of my knowledge was done under the auspices of the Department of Defense. Additionally, technology has existed since the 1960's for a nuclear tipped boring device. The bore melts the rock, creating a glass tube that needs little to no internal support. The device was patented and the patent can be looked up. The initial use was to be for the creation of public transportation corridors, including a super high speed train from NY to LA. Yet, the technology mysteriously never surfaced (no pun intended) in the public sector. My ground team has searched high an low for an entrance, has seen no mysterious traffic at any time of day or night, and is unable to report at this time of anything conclusive. Yet, several factors militate in favor of this base. The base could be completely self sustaining, with goats and hydropnics, much like a moon base (which we don't have either supposedly). The smog levels in the area are some of the highest in the state despite being in or around the largest state park in the country. Weather patterns seem to be altered around Plattsburgh, producing an unusual amount of cloud cover as compared to Burlington, VT across the lake. There was no logical reason for the shut down of the facility. By filling the surface with commercial and residential space it masks the real goings on underground. Witley Striber, author of the book "Communion" lived in an location in upstate NY when he was abducted. Additionally there have been numerous sightings in and around the Clinton County area. And here is the real clincher. Eric Harris, of Columbine shooting infamy, spent time in Plattsburgh growing up. A doctor from Montreal had auxiliary programs in Plattsburgh that dealt with mind control and LSD beginning in the 1960's, dubbed MK-ULTRA. That operation allegedly continued at Plattsburgh until 1996 at least. It was tied into Stewart and Montauk AFB. In fact there may be a tube tunnel that connects Plattsburgh and Stewart. Eric's father was Air Force and he didn't leave the area until the 1997, two years after the base was "closed," when they moved to Colorado. One of the side affects of the doctors experiments was uncontrollable rage and psychotic behavior. The shootings at Columbine can be traced the experiments on Eric in the DUMB base. **

All of this can be verified by spending some time with google and Blogspots own search engine.

There you have it, just a scrapping on the surface of the most Mysterious Town on Earth: Plattsburgh.

*Research since the original posting of this article has shown that they can be located and the town in which they are located on American web site on Atlas rockets. There are satellite photos as well available online.
**There is and has been since the Base realignment committee began in 1990 as to the capabilities of Loring AFB in Limestone, MA and Plattsburgh AFB. I have visited both sites and both seem capable of the mission in my lay persons opinion. Loring contends that they had greater weapons and fuel storage capacity as well as two available runways. This leads me to believe that Loring was in fact perhaps the preeminent AFB on the North-East area for deployment of bombers. However this only shows that while Loring was a strike base, Plattsburgh's role may have been different, with the SAC capabilities masking more clandestine activities.
***Investigation has shown that German bases built during WWII had vast underground tunnel systems that connected towns, and were intended as transportation links for rail and mechanized units. That the Germans had begun this and that we have not in the last 60 years seems absurd. Additionally, interviews with local residents of the Plattsburgh area have confirmed that Eric Harris's parents were separated, with the older brother living with his mother and disliking his father. Eric, however, remained in the custody of his father up until the time of the shootings.


Blogger Erasmus said...

Looking on a map I see that Plattsburgh, NY is not too far from Montreal, Quebec. I seem to recall that there was a cult founded by a former French race car driver that was operating in a secret location near Montreal. This cult was working on cloning human beings. Is it just a coincidence that Montreal is near Plattsburgh? I bet not. The plot thickens.

Monday, February 20, 2006 12:54:00 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I remember Erasums saying that the Battle of Platsburgh was forgotten mostly because Perry had a better sound bite, which subsequently made it into the military's talking points.

One other thing to remember about Plattsburgh's Base closing, it was closed in favor of Maguire Air Force Base, located in New Jersey. Forget that the head of the commission for Base Closings planned on running for Governor of New Jersey, one can easily see why Maguire was a better location. It lies in the middle of one of the busiest air spaces in the world; New York City, Nework, and Philidelphia. It also has a runway paved with tar, which melts in the summer. So much for your theory.

Oh, wait...yeah I see your point.

Monday, February 20, 2006 2:29:00 PM  
Blogger Gaius Germanicus said...

GGRT-PLATTSBURG Ground Team reports interference from some electronic source distorts and reduces VHF/UHF reception.

Local TV station reception is significantly degraded on the "New Base." Even 2 miles away, airwave reception is markedky improved. Even with a 5 db signal booster the nearest TV station WPTZ Channel 5 is distored and recieved electronic interference. WPTZ is one of the easiest and clearest channels in the Champlain valley when viewed in traditional non-cable or satalite means.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 5:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was debating whether to go to suny potsdam or plattsburgh, but reading this definetly made up my mind. plattsburgh it is! haha.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 8:10:00 PM  

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