Friday, February 24, 2006

Syphilis in Space

The time has come to abandon Earth. We have consumed what there is here and now the bitch is starting to fight back. If we intend to survive we have to start destroying other places.

In light of this we must look at our military resources. Sure, powered armor, missile destroying lasers and ceramic armored vehicles will be a reality in the next fifty years but they won't do us a lick of good when facing the unknown.

What is known is that the mathematical probability of life on other planets is extrodinarily high. All of that life threatens us. From microbe to advanced civilization. The microbes will make us sick and the civilizations will not like us barging in. The theory of an advanced peaceful race is absurd. No amount of technology and abundance of resources can make a living thing peaceful. Why? Because life forms that don't have those benefits come in and take them from the peaceful morons who didn't think enough to protect them. That is a fact of nature and has been played out countless times on earth.

Guns, Germs and Steel, and excellent book, shows why certain peoples have prospered while others died out. It comes down to resources and the innovation that is allowed by an excess of resources. It points out the problem with Daniel Quinn's model that we would all be better off as hunter gatherers. Hunter gatherers are trumped by biology itself. They die from disease that grows in densely populated areas and are conquered by those that value innovation. It is a sad natural law. Peace only breeds weakness in the face of those who must compete to survive.

Extrapolate this to space. We must either expand and consume what we find, evolve and grow technologically or someone is going to come and take it all away from us, if we survive that long. The reason for this necessity is that as populations rise there is a need to expand. We can only build so many densely populated areas before turning the planet against us--we already have. No-one is going to like cockroach synthesized protein instead of beef for example, which is where we are headed.

So here's the plan:
1. Locate possible life supporting planets as soon as possible.
2. Develop technologies to sustain us on less hospitable worlds.
3. Proceed to colonize aggressively--even if that means sending ships that will take generations to arrive.
4. Import our best weapon against all other forms of life--the germs that have been created by us through millenniums of contact with us and that no other planet has immunity to.

This last factor is the most important. I suggest bombarding all known planets and moons that are non-gaseous with a cocktail of our microbes prior to human advance. We should find and culture the most hearty of bacteria and viruses (ones that don't need oxygen, or thrive on methane for example) as well as our trusted friends like influenza and the common cold. We must syphilize space. Just like the Europeans did to the Americas. We are going to face attrition from their diseases, we should repay them. And like any invasive species, an introduced one sometimes wipes out what's already there. Sure, there could be useful flora and fauna out there, but if its spores will kills us, or if it sneezes we become ill, what choice do we have. We don't have a million years to adapt. We could try, but that would be hearkening back to the days of the plague and whole colonies could be wiped out before they had a chance.

They are going to catch a cold from us anyway, why delay a tactical necessity.


Blogger Erasmus said...

Perhaps the other life forms in space are peaceful since perhaps they have never been touched by Original Sin. It is orginal sin that through off the orginal balance on earth which has led to all of the "will to power" that you seem to be espousing as of late.

Enough speculative theology for now, son of Eve.

Friday, February 24, 2006 8:11:00 PM  
Blogger Gaius Germanicus said...

I thought original sin marred all creation. In any event, life on other planets is going to force some new theological threads anyway. We can worry about the theology after we wipe them out.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 11:39:00 AM  

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