Monday, March 27, 2006

Canadian Seal Hunt and Good Literature

The uproar over the seal hunt in Canada continues, but as I reflect on this one thought comes to mind... the next great masterpiece in literature.

You may recall that whale hunts at one time were big business producing all sorts of commerce especially lamp oil, but from that phenomenon of the 19th century came a novel of epic proportions, Moby Dick. Perhaps the seal hunt can do the same for our age. I picture now the great struggle between man and a huge seal. The terror of facing down the seal and using a club will be the fodder of academia for centuries to come. Perhaps it will be called Moby Stick.

I am most grateful that whale hunts existed because of the story it gave us, and if we are smart we will be grateful that seal hunts existed as well.


Blogger Gaius Germanicus said...

Perhaps we should take a note from my Antrax post--we have got a hit on it from google too. I envision a 900 page book about an ellusive ant and a homeowners quest to destroy it. The search for the nest, the attack of the ant army, the application of chemcial agents--what an epic. And with anthropromorphizing we can easily have thousands of characters: "Charlie the ant thought-I wan't sugar" He marched on along the scent trial to find the cool but sweet pile of jello.
What till Charlie gets gased in the first wave--its like watership down meets tolostoy!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 12:17:00 PM  

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