Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eschatological Scatology

Well, business is going well, and its time to catch up on the theater of the absurd. Tooling around the out internet superhighway I have started to discover what a strange world this really is.

People out there are fascinating. No, not you. I mean the people that inhabit the fringe. (AMS is really mainstream really). The ones who would not have a community if not for the web. The ones that would not have become what they are if it weren't for the influence of the web. These people can not be pigeon-holed. They evolve too fast and because of the rate at which information can be documented and absorbed is so high that there is no end to the permutations of imagination.

I do not believe I have ever learned so much diverse content in such a short time as I have in the past few weeks of monitoring and at times contributing to Is another good sight but it seems to lack the breadth of contributors, its more government conspiracy based. A vast majority of GLP's content is either a hoax or some person who is badly in need of medication. But it is also frequented by militia men, dilettante scientists, self proclaimed government operatives, paranoids, survivalists, time travelers, remote viewers (you'll have to look that one up for yourself), amateur astronomers, engineers, fans of Niccola Tesla or John Titor and a wealth of other seers, mystics, physics and clairvoyants. Its discussions range from the supernatural to the political. It is divided among liberals and conservatives and even from people beyond the U.S. Secret and not-so-secret machinations of government are discussed. What type of weapon and what strategies to deploy in guerilla warfare are mulled over (as well as gun-camera footage showing your chances). There is discussion on the Galactic Super Wave, pulsars, star gates, near earth orbit asteroids, geology, climate change, racism, religion, 9/11, the war in Iraq, the possible war in Iran, our alien progenitors the Annuki, supervocanos, Planet X (which may be a brown dwarf), the HAARP antenna, chemtrails (not just contrials, neophytes), the rapture, MKUltra (think Jacobs Ladder), Project Bluebird (similar), reptilian babies (the offspring of the ruling reptilian class), the Illuminati (which reminds me of Foucaults Pendulum by Ecco--I mean for those of you who got the joke at least), the moon Titan being a Death Star (I'm serious--and it is almost convincing, I am telling you it was one of the most provoking, scientifically dense and amusing sites I have ever been to). They love links, the best posters always cite their references and it can be breathtaking from an intellectual point of view and eye opening too. This isn't just tabloid stuff though. There is serious research and debate going on. With data, and charts (we all need charts!), and and sometimes reasonable conclusions. So often we must throw up our hands decide that debunking isn't getting anywhere and who knows maybe they are right. It is a site based on reason and faith. Many, in fact, are evangelicals with a penchant for seismology.

You can find links to the Mt. Augustine webcam, the USGS earthquake maps, the Iris worldwide earthquake map, Yellowstone National Park, space agencies and countless news sources that either are fake (and quite funny) or simply not part of our mega-corp media. We are talking real news sometimes, news that will never make it to your evening news. Part of the fun is trying to figure out what's a hoax. There are many people who are incredibly gullible.

The sight has sent me to Wikipedia so many times in search of a counter argument or simply to understand better. It in of itself it is a fringe-pop-culture encyclopedia of you never know what article you're going to read next; an encyclopedia-fringe-chaotic.

But the favorite past time is predicting the apocalypse. The current and most popular one is a nuclear strike on the west coast on March 11th predicted by a female escort and confidant of some unnamed head honcho. Two weeks ago a God event was going to transform us all. Many say we have until 2012 to fix things up or be doomed. Everyone thinks the scat is going to hit the fan. Its just who will correctly prophesize it.

Why are they so concerned with the end of the world? I think it is because our civilization has a strong suicidal undercurrent. Our civilization wants to die. We recognize our shortcomings and realize in this post-idealist time that the only way to fix earth is to have us leave it. Anyone who has felt a little excited as a natural disaster stalks down on us knows what I mean. Anyone who is fascinated by ruins knows what I mean. It is the end of philosophy and a religion of hope for earth (just watch all the End Times sermons on the bible thumper channels and the popularity of apocalyptic fiction). I am not sure what to make of it all. We live in a world that is in love with the end, no one wants to miss out on it and everyone wants to know when its commin'.


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