Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Suggestion for our Catchphrase

I was listening to "Fresh Air" on NPR today and she was interviewing the moderator of a Fox News media comentary show. He has recently written a book on the journalism of the fledgling U.S. He made a comment about The Wasp, a Hudson New York newspaper. I researched it and discovered that that Hudson, New York had more comericial shipping traffic than NYC in 1800. "The Wasp" was founded to be the Federalist counter of "The Bee," which was the Democrat-Republican response to the "Balance", which was really a Federalist newspaper. Its moniker, rather than "All the news thats fit to print," was: “To lash the Rascals naked through the world.” The first issue provided a misson statement:

"Wherever the Bee ranges, the Wasp will follow over the same. Without attempting to please his friends, the Wasp will only strive to displease, vex and torment his enemies . .. The Wasp has a dirty and disagreeable job to perform. He has undertaken the chastisement of a set of fellows who are entrenched in filth—who lay like swine wallowing in a puddle. He must therefore wade knee deep in smut before he can meet his enemies on their own ground.Wherever the Bee ranges, the Wasp will follow over the same. "

I like
"To lash the Rascals naked through the world."



Blogger Epictetus said...

I've never heard of a more absurd catchphrase in my life...Let's go with it.

Monday, March 06, 2006 9:54:00 AM  

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