Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gaius Germanicus Stricken with Existential Crisis Over Seal Hunt

Caption: Gaius Germanicus just prior to being taken away by men in white suits.

April 4, 2006
TERRA FIRMA: Gaius Germanicus, virtually unknown blogger, was taken away by unidentified men in white lab coats this evening after an existential crises over the hotly contested "Seal Hunt." Evidence of his impending collapse was evident in his last blog entry. While musing on fundamental questions he collapsed into a lump of pretentious wasteproduct and had to be carted away before he continued to "drag down the blog" said Blogger in Chief, Dave.

It is expected that Mr. Germanicus will return to the blog, however, Herr Visheyvashy, Doctor of Philosophic Medicine, has told AMS he is prescribing a ban on all posting on issues regarding seals or other cute semi-aquatic animals for Mr. Germanicus.


Blogger Erasmus said...

As a contributor to AMS I do hope that Mr. Germanicus quickly regains his health. Although I'm not sure how healthy he has ever been? I hear that Herr Dr. Visheyvashy is one of the best in his field, but perhaps some time at the International Sanatorium Berghoff may be in order.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 9:44:00 AM  

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