Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sitemeter Says AMS Readership Up

More people are visiting Absurd Men Speak lately, largely due to provocative articles on baby seals, Plattsburgh AFB, Antrax and the Annuki (buried deep in an obscure post). The baby seals is perhaps a watershed moment for us, thanks to Epictetus's timely post. Additionally, the government continues to be interested in AMS with the latest data mining happening on April 3 from the Department of the Interior (they were interested in the Plattsburgh AFB post). We have had visitors from the Republic of Georgia, Indonesia and Germany as well as the UK and Canada.

What is most encouraging is that the average time people spend on our site is 0 seconds! So if you haven't been here before you probably haven't read this far!

But then who cares, onward and upward AMS--at least numerically.


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