Tuesday, April 04, 2006

They're Just Seals / They're Just Fetuses

For a lively Debate:



We can't be losing half our audience over the idea that we might have ideals or causes. AMS has never touched abortion--too touchy gentlemen? Methinks, perhaps.

What a complicated world. I feel like that fetus looks. Twenty some odd weeks old or so and already world-weary. But then, there I go, personifying; maybe.

But then again, just try not to personify or anthropomorphize that little seal.

To overgeneralize, the same people who protest the seal hunt condone abortion. The same people that support the seal hunt condemn abortion. I am not taking sides, just pointing something out. I know each sides "right answer" to explain the position as a cohesive set of values, but still, WTF?

Look at the photos and try to wrap your head around that for a moment. Are these two things of equal value? Is there a value on either of them? Does "value" make sense here? Are these distinctions without differences?

Perception, illusion, truth, lies; can you impose order on this disordered world? Can you do what Hegel failed? Or all these differences meaningless, all these likenesses imagined? Does it really matter?

Shall we choose nihilism in the face of the Absurd? The Pointless and Chaotic?

Or shall we choose a paradigm of our or another's making. If Hegel, Spinoza, Heidegger, et al. couldn't do it without error, problems and fundamental breakdowns of logic, can you? Take refuge in the Church (its not called a sanctuary for nothing)? Choose New Age, Post Modernism, Drugs, or become Born Again? Choose a model, no matter how hard you try you will bottom out at faith. Is that enough?

What does your faith in reason, faith in God, faith in celebrity, faith in science, faith in your political party, or whatever it is you believe in, tell you about the Great Seal Hunt and the real questions beneath it all. What is life worth and is worth a valid measurement?


Blogger Erasmus said...

I feel a debate over existence or essence is coming on...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 9:21:00 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Perhaps reading Freakinomics may help with the question of values.

Buddhism would suggest that all entities are the same, which would be backed up by Quantum Physics.

What I can't wait for is the deluge of comments that will flood through my email account about that photo of the fetus.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:57:00 PM  

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