Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Interstate System Turns 50: Pro or Con?

The Eisenhower interstate system is turning fifty, and a culture that loves the freedom of the road is rejoicing. Absurd Men Speak asks is there a darker side to all this.

Yes, the interstate system has connected all of us throughout this land in an unprecedented way. We can hop onto a paved road and without the bother of small towns, two lanes, and traffic lights be where ever we desire with great ease (unless traveling I-95), but wait...

It was the interstate system that in a decisive way made us a nation of automobile users. We could have taken the tax payers' money and put that into railroad construction instead. If we had done that would we be feeling the pinch of the unstable oil market. We could tell Venezuela to put it in their pipe and smoke it! This should appeal to any environmentalists reading the blog

Every small town in America lost because of the interstate system. Before, all the secondary roads ran through many small towns with their interesting attractions, cabins for rent, and diners to eat in. Now if you want to see the bed George Washington slept in you have to get off the interstate and drive ten miles. Who does that? This should appeal to any business folks reading the blog.

The interstate system destroyed our large cities as well. The interstate in some cases went right through neighborhoods displacing many and cutting off others. In other cases it just by-passed the city all together. If you want to know what has destroyed our great urban centers (a la Gary, IN - see previous post) look to the interstate system. This also contributed to the suburbs (need I say more). This should appeal to the liberals reading this blog.

Last but not least has any reader ever heard of how the interstate was devised to destroy the Catholic hold on the cities? You may laugh, but it sounds very reasonable to me. This should appeal to the Catholics who read the blog.

The point is the interstate system has changed the face of this nation. As for me I'll be riding the train to our major cities and stopping at the nearest church to pay a visit, and if I do drive I will be stopping in every little town for a bite to eat and to read an historical marker. I will not be sucked into the interstate conspiracy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flag Burning

The discussion has once again begun over a constitutional amendment to ban the burning of the US flag. While I do not support the burning of the US flag I am very cautious when it comes to adding or subtracting to the Constitution. My greatest fear being that they will make it un-constitutional to smoke cigarettes.

My solution to this whole problem, which no one seems to have suggested yet, is to pass a law that we requires all flags to be made of a non-flammable material. We love to pass laws in this nation and here is one that will not require a constitutional convention.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Trouble with Modernity

The trouble with modernity is that involves too much talking. Eventually talking must stop and an answer must come, but modernity seems not to have grasped this. Let's take some case studies...

I don't mean to keep beating up the Canadians, but they seem to still be under the impression that Islam will embrace Canadian ideals if they (Canadians) keep explaining notions of pluralism. Good luck. Your vocal chords will tire long before the Moores see it your way. Next, the Episcopal Church has taken the next step toward never re-unifying with Rome and probably blowing apart the Anglican Communion by electing a woman bishop as head of itself. They explained that they are to be a witness to the rest of Anglicanism and will help in the re-interpreting process of doctrine and tradition. Yep, you guessed it. Let's keep talking because if you say it enough times it must be true. Well, my friends, there are some absolutes in the world. If you don't believe me then touch some water; it's wet. Look at the sky; it's blue. If you get punched; it will hurt.

Of course we could just keep talking...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 16th - Bloomsday

A good day to wander a bit, and maybe run into an old friend like Stephen.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Canada: The Charade Un-Masked

For years now Canada has put themselves forward as the nation of tolerance and peaceful co-existance. Now the truth is coming out and it seems that perhaps we should not believe the propaganda from our "friends" to the north.

1) Canada is a peaceful nation without violent cities... until some Muslims carry through a plan that includes beheading the Prime Mininster and shooting innocents in a market square. I'm sure that all the fertilizer those guys had was for some farming they were going to undertake as well.

2) Canada is a nation that does not offend... except when a crew of hunters with hakipaks head out for the annual seal hunt. (this author is not opposed to the seal hunt, only the charade of Canada that the seal hunt underlines).

3) Canada is the domineering hockey presence of the world... look at the men's results in the olympics, and now with a back up goalie playing for Edmunton I think Lord Stanley's Cup is coming south.

Other things that make me nervous about Canada is why does Newfoundland get half a time zone, and how can Quebec be smoke free in public places? Something is just not right about all this, and I can't believe that Absurd Men is the first to sound the alarm.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tourist Hotspots Part 1: Gary, IN

So many of our great American cities have fallen out of favor. Now people look for ritzy stuff like Vale or Aspen. They want family friendly like Disney. I propose it is time for Americans to visit the cities that made this nation great. Today I'd like to profile Gary, Indiana.

This vacation destination sits in the shadow of Chicago. It is easy to access through the Gary International Airport, or as they like to call it "Chicago's other airport". The Gary airport is serviced by two major airlines, Hooters Air and Casino Express. Yes, Hooters has diversified. No longer are they just a family restaurant, but they also can fly you to destinations around the US. One of the other major ciities they service is another vacation land called Newark, NJ.

What will I do once in Gary? Well, Gary is the home to a number of celebrities like the Jackson Family. That's right the pop singing icons of this nation the Jacksons are from Gary. If you are lucky maybe you and your family will run into Michael who will invite your children to spend the night with him leaving you and your spouse free to hit the floating casino on Gary's waterfront.

Have I ever been to Gary? Yes, I once drove through it. I loved it. It kind of had a 1970s Communist Europe feel from the the industrial stench in the air, to the rusting rail yards, to the smoke spewing smoke stacks. And did I mention the yellow haze in the air?

Gary, Indiana... isn't it time you visited?

Our next profile will be another dream destination... East St. Louis. Stay tuned.