Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Long Way to Go for a Relaxing Time

A few months ago I took a trip to Russia to visit with my wife's family. One of the stops we made was to her home town of Angarsk. The town is in Syberia about 13 time zones from New York City.

Her cousin Pavil runs a unique spa there which, if you ever find yourself in Angarsk, you should check out. You're lead into a room full of beds were you place your clothes and put on a robe. From there you are brought to a barrel sauna. They are large wooden barrels, hooked up to giant vats of water with herbs cooking on a stove. You sit in the barrel, with your head sticking out, for fifteen minutes. Your body sweats a lot during this. You should sweat though, you're encased in this kind of hot, sweet smelling herb vapor.

When your done sweating they bring you back to the room with the beds and are presented with a special tea, which is quite good. Then you get a Swedish massage with more herbs and oils. Then you rest for another fifteen minutes.

The whole thing was totally weird but I did feel really relaxed afterward. They say that after a few months of the process your system will have been cleaned out.

Good times.


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