Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rap Captioning

In an effort to bring the Hip-Hop generation into the realm of News it was recently suggested to me that News organizations implement Rap Captioning. Rap Captioning would be a supplement to Closed Captioning. Like Closed Captioning which transforms the spoken word into text for the hearing impaired, Rap Captioning would translate the news into a language which the youth population can understand.

This new form of captioning can be encoded and placed on a scan line much the same way as Closed Captioning is done. An option on each TV set can be selected forcing that line's information onto the screen. Not only will this be a great tool to get 13-24 year olds interested in the world, it will also employ hundreds of young, fresh talent who will be necessary to Rap Caption taped and live programming, in effect launching their careers.

It is easily a win-win situation. Not only that, it's success will usher in new forms of captioning bringing boring every day news to life for members of society who may feel left out. Toddler Captioning for the Sesame Street crowd, Trash Captioning for the trailer-park jet set, Sports Captioning for the jock, and even Mason Captioning for Charlie Manson. The horizon is limitless, unless you count the number of scan lines necessary to get a decent picture on you screen. But mostly limitless.

Absurd Men Speak would like to thank John Heneghan for his contribution to society.


Blogger Gaius Germanicus said...

By making known the secret language of "gangsters" (or is it gangstas?) do we not just broaden the scope of thier influence. As long as people can not decipher the language of him who shall not be named (I don't mean Voldemort dumbasses--although those books seduce our innocent ones into a path of festering pool of evil, along with inspiring sales of Magic--The Gathering cards) they are kept in the dark (there is a pun here somewhere--I don't think I will develop it) are are less suceptible to it. (Oh-My-God, would someone deprogram my shift key so that I can complete a sentence without a paranthetical(not that they are bad)(just confusing)) Only through intentional and overwhelming ignorance can society be saved!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 7:51:00 PM  

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