Friday, January 05, 1990

Summer May Be Far Off (but that only means we have six months to plan): Rewriting History

If any of you remember the sweaty summer we had only a few months ago here in Plattsburgh you understand the need to prepare now, six month in advance. From the town's inability to air condition its buildings, the oppressive humidity, the US Air Base's practice of testing its jet engines by running them on the ground we are overheated every summer.

Yes we have Lake Champlain, the Saranac River and the Adirondack Mountains, and yes several homes have pools. On the face of things these look like great solutions to the hot summer months. Yet it doesn't seem to be enough.

People who work in offices, kids without cars and the city's lack of air conditioning just can't cover the heat stroke that may only be a few months away.

As a possible solution the City Council has proposed the Plattsburgh Pool Initiative. Under this plan large pools will be placed high above the city, circling it, creating a continuous water way in which the citizens can travel from place to place, cool and comfortable. This will also create more shade on the ground, for when we have to come out of the pool to get into our un-air conditioned offices or other "Ground Oriented" activities. This will also come in handy in the winter by adding a pseudo-roof over us, helping to keep snow off our streets, reducing our need for salt.

This plan opens new worlds for the people of Plattsburgh and its visitors. Not only is it a tourist attraction, it brings whole new industry to the city. Chlorine must be brought in or even manufactured right here in Plattsburgh. Constant pool care will be necessary.

Let's not forget the added physical benefit. Can you imagine the press we would get as the most fit city in the US, instead of our current title of "Dough Boys of the East Coast."

So Plattsburgh, let's get behind this now. By June we could have a wonderful water conduit for our scorching 3 months of heat and humidity.

If you've read this far then I commend you and will now make the point I set out to about information on the Web. We started this blog in May of 2005. This entry was written on Jan 5th of 2006. We didn't even have a name for what we do until 1996. The point is this, any one could write an entry on Blogger and pre-date it. Another person could come along and site the entry as prescient information and build a case on a lie, knowingly or unknowingly. Be wary of asses like me who might want to take in unsuspecting researchers. Good luck.