Thursday, August 24, 2006

Celebrate Absurdity

As part of the celebration of Absurd Men Speak having 2000 visits to the site I invite all who pass by this page to leave an absurd thought, anecdote, or message. Let us all celebrate absurdity and maybe one day we won't see each other's differences like sanity and insanity, but realize that we are all the same

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Congratulations to Absurdity

Absurd Men Speak has passed 2000 visits to the site. This is a milestone in the history of Absurdity. To think that any one sees this site let alone has stopped to read it is really quite astonishing. Thank you to whomever you might be and especially to our regular commentors.

To think of the topics we have mentioned... We have talked about ways to deal with children and seniors, we have found solutions to poverty, exposed the truth behind seal hunting, and a town called Plattsburgh, NY. We've insulted foreign nations (Canada), and even once said a terrorist had it right. We talked about why men should wear hats, and the best way to deal with global warming. Once even a new olympic sport was proposed along with explaining why the olympics should be done away with. Along the way we promoted dueling and angered a number of people. We've covered a lot of ground.

Here is to more of the absurd that is actually life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Should language be killed?

Languages that are still spoken on a daily level are living things. They change, advance, and often times corrupt. Recently while in Canada I saw a letter to the editor of the local paper lamenting the use of the word "kids" instead of "children". The writer saw this as a dumbing down of language and disrespectful to the youthful portion of our world. There is truth to this editorial diatribe. It grates on me everytime I hear newscasters refer to police officers as cops. Do slang terms really have a place in my home during the six o'clock news? And God help me if one more waiter/waitress asks me and my dining companions, "Do you guys need anything else?" Excuse me, but did you just say "guys." Whatever happened to the word gentlemen? And how did mixed company (men and women) all become "guys"? But even my desire to be called a gentleman is a degradation of the language since I am not born of noble parentage.

All this points to the problem of language as a living thing. Words after a time no longer mean what they should mean. Even Bill Clinton asked for the definition of "is".

Since there is a problem then we need a solution. Dead languages such as Latin have no such problem. Lantin's vocabulary is static and its meanings can no longer change. Thus the medical, legal, and ecclesial worlds usage of this language. No gray areas... right? Perhaps it is time to go back to Latin or at least put a moritorium on English and the other living languages.

Where are you all at on this proposition, huh?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Surviving The Thousand Year Heat Wave

I've seen Al Gore's movie and it's frightening how far behind the eight ball we are. i also live in New york City and had to go through a week without power because the power lines were catching on fire. The unending heatwave is coming and citizens cannot count on their governement or big business to straighted out what we've all done. Rather than tuck our heads between our legs I offer this siple solution: Evolutionarily weatherize your children.

We don't have a lot of time. In the next 43 1/2 years the global tempreture will be much, much higher than it has ever been in the entire planet's history. I propose tha parents do everything they can to help their children prepare for the on coming weather onslaught.

For those in the Americas, Africa, and Eastern Asia this means finding out which couples children can survive extreme hot tempretures. many parents in the US have started by leaving their children in their automobiles while running quick errands. What they have found to our benefit is that their seed cannot live in 105 + degree tempretures. While many see this as tragic, I think this provides a great opportunity. By locking our children in vehicles in regions that will suffer the greatest from the heat, we can determine which bloodlines will continue to thrive as the temps increase.

For those in Europe and Western Asia and possibly northen Africa, you'll have you're work cut out for you. Unfortunately you have no idea what is coming. Or worse you could get both extremes of years of heat and then a quick thousand year ice age. As the ice caps melt they could stop the northern ocean cuerrents, stopping the recycling of hot and cold water, which would put you under a deep freeze. First you're have to determine who can live in extreme heat and then from those candidates, who can live in extreme cold. The plus side to the cold issue is that you have time to develop you heating technology (coats, fire, etc.) years before you'll need them. Cold can be survived by shelter. Heat, not so much-see section on cars.

Be creative, I'm sure there are many ways to find out what your child can and cannot stand. And if they should parish in this, see them as heros. Without there sacrifice we would be spending valuble resources on trying to keep them alive despite the inevitable.

Good luck and God bless our little soldiers.