Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Civilians are optimal targets

Lets face it: There has not been a decisive victory in war since 1946. Why did we win that war? We firebombed Dresden and countless other German cities and we nuked Japan. Kill civilians-- win wars. If you are not willing to kill civies then don't go to war. They are the backbone of the government that fights the war, without them there is no country, no cause to defend.

War is ruthless and the more ruthless the better your chances of winning. Why give up a besieged castle: the enemy's word he won't rape your women. Why step down and give up Japan. You don't want to face extinction. In fact, that is the only reason to surrender: extinction.

This isn't about hearts and minds- you don't win those with bombs. What you do with bombs is get rid of those who have hearts and minds opposed to you. If that means 98% of the population the so be it. Bombs away.

Genocide? If you are afraid to do it don't even think about waging war in the modern world. It wasn't until the Geneva convention was implemented that guerrilla warfare truly took hold. How do you stop guerrilla war when you can't kill and destroy everything, every man woman child and village that has even the slightest connection to the insurgents? War crimes? War is a crime, think about Apocalypse Now; speeding tickets at the Indy 500.

That's why Bin Laden is right: we don't have the guts to win. We tear up when we see babies all burnt. But war is evil and if you can't embrace it then you better roll over and let someone piss on your back.

"I rather be feared than loved" Machiavelli

Thursday, July 20, 2006

10 Days Without a Post

Sorry for the lack of participation lately. Hats off to Erasmus for keeping the torch burning. We were on a roll there for a while. I haven't had an absurd thought in weeks, let alone the time to post it. I am losing my edge. All work and no play makes G. a dull boy. Blog on comrades!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Discrimination at the World Cup? Not what you might expect

This Absurd Man was shocked to hear while watching ABC's coverage of the World Cup Soccer final Sunday that French coach Raymond Domenech discriminates. He is such a firm believer in astrology that he did not allow any Scorpios to play in the game. On top of that he also only allowed two Leos to play in Sunday's game. It is an outrage that the national team of the enlightened French Republic which is founded on fraternity and equality would allow this to happen. I hope that some civil rights lawyer is ready to defend these downtrodden Scorpios and Leos.

Monsieur Domenech better re-check the stars, and deal another hand of tarot cards because Absurd Men Speak's got his number.